Back to School FAQ

August 6, 2020

Dear Midwest Allergy and Asthma patients,

As the school year approaches, many of you have had concerns with how to safely handle sending children back to school. Please see our FAQ below, we will update this as needed, and it is also located on our Facebook:

Q. What does the CDC recommend for reopening schools?

A. There are many recommendations from the CDC in regards to a safe and healthy learning environment. Some of these recommendations include: encouraging staff and students to stay home when ill, teaching and reinforcing hand washing, covering coughs/sneezes with a tissue, wearing a mask that covers the mouth and nose, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, and discouraging the sharing of items. Please see this article from the CDC for more detailed information.

Q. Is it OK to send my child back to school?

A. The decision to send your child back to school is a personal decision. You must take into consideration the policies put in place by your school district, your child’s health history, your own families’ medical history, and whether you believe your child can remain in accord with the CDC rules noted above.

Q. Should my child wear a mask?

A. Yes, your child should wear a mask. The mask should cover both the mouth and nose. Please see more information from the CDC on the importance of mask wearing.

Q. What if my child is at a higher risk because they have asthma?

A. In patients with well-controlled asthma, considerations for going back to school are the same as noted above. Data on rates of infection, severity of infection, rates of hospitalization, and rates of asthma exacerbation have been conflicting. See here for further information.