Stop feeling miserable from allergies.

We don’t just treat the symptoms. We search for the underlying cause.

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Everyone’s Symptoms are Different

Do you or your children suffer from allergies?

Everyone’s symptoms manifest differently based on the severity of your allergy and what you are allergic to. If you’ve experienced the below symptoms, it’s time to consider allergy testing.

Tingling or itching of the mouth

Wheezing or trouble breathing

Hives, eczema or skin rashes

Vomiting, diarrhea or nausea

Swelling of lips, face, tongue or throat

Chronic runny nose and itchy eyes

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take insurance?

Yes! We are in network with most insurance companies. Call your insurance company to confirm.


Can I be tested for specific allergens, like cats?

We can test for as little as 1 allergen or do a full panel. This will be dependent on your symptoms and your needs.


How do I know what to be tested for?

You don’t need to come in knowing what allergens to test for. You tell us about what you’re experiencing and your symptoms and the doctor will assess which ones make the most sense for you to be tested for.


Will it hurt?

It is not too painful and feels like a pinch. We do have alternative options for small children who would be too bothered by the scratch test.


How long does the initial appointment take?

Depending on the amount of allergens we are testing for, it could take up to 2 hours.


What does the immunotherapy plan look like?

If you are given an immunotherapy plan, you will start taking injections. This could be a 2-3 year plan or one you maintain for life. Walk-ins are available for injections and no appointments are necessary.

What Does Allergy Testing Look Like?

allergy skin testing

Skin Test Appointment

We will ask for your symptoms which helps us to determine what allergens to test for. A scratch test will then be done on your back.

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Assessing The Results

The same day of your skin test, the doctor will come in and let you know of the results. You will find out what you’re allergic to and the severity.

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Course of Action

You will be given a plan to manage your allergies. This could range from simple environmental management to more complex therapies. Each plan is tailored to individual patient needs.

Book An Appointment

Hours vary by location. Please call 402-262-4200 to find out clinic hours and injection hours.

Meet Our Doctors

All of our doctors are certified by the American Board of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Jaine Brownell, M.D.

Jeffrey S. Nelson, M.D.

Jeffrey S. Nelson, M.D.

Thomas C. Nilsson, M.D.

Thomas C. Nilsson, M.D.

Ebrahim Shakir, M.D.

Ebrahim Shakir, M.D.

Teodoro Segura, M.D. Ph. D

Teodoro Segura, M.D. Ph. D